When it comes to school choice, Grace Christian is proud of some distinguishing factors that are unique to our academic program and ministry.

High Achieving Students

All students in first through eighth grade participate in our fall annual standardized testing program using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, a nationally-normed test. Our students consistently score one to two years above grade level.  Our eighth grade classes attain a combined grade equivalent score of an average first year college student in reading, language, and mathematics.  (click here for test scores).

Students Who Are Prepared For A Rigorous High School Experience

Graduates continue to return to campus to let us know how prepared they are for their high school experience and to thank us for caring so much about them. The teachers from area public and private high schools commend our students not only for their knowledge-base but also for their organizational and study skills.

Successful High School Student Athletes

As a result of our excellent sports and academic programs many of our graduates are placed on the academic team by the San Diego Union Tribune (playing in a varsity sport and having a grade point average of at least 3.0).

Graduates Who Attend Prestigious Universities

Graduates of Grace have attended or are attending universities such as UCSD, UCLA, UC Davis, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Point Loma Nazarene, Concordia Irvine, Cal Lutheran, Biola, Stanford, Texan Christian University, University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Columbia–to name just a few.

An Award Winning School

Student learning has been enriched through the awarding of three grants.  A 2009 grant from the Grimm Family was used to purchase Promethean interactive white boards for all classrooms.  A 2010 grant from the Escondido Charitable Foundation allowed us to upgrade our sixth through eighth math program using Prentice Hall materials.  Our Honors eighth grade students are now learning Geometry and our middle school math scores average at least two years above grade level.  A 2011 grant from the Sony Corporation allowed us to create a state of the art computer lab with laptops for each student. In 2015 Grace received a grant of $5,000 from the Barona Indian Tribe to aid in our Chromebook 1:1 for our Middle School.

Graduates Who Enter The Ministry

Many of our Grace graduates (including five graduates on our own staff) have been led to enter the ministry as ordained Pastors, Directors of Christian Education, and Teachers.