The efforts of our PTF Board have contributed to over 21k to various projects and vital aspects of our campus in previous years. Some of these include new playground equipment, Promethean Boards, replaced/repaired all drinking fountains on campus, 8th grade Washington DC scholarships, staff appreciation and continuing education for our teachers.

Much is to be learned when you serve out of a thankful heart to a school that is as special as Grace. Time demands seem to be growing ever tighter on the family unit, moms and dads have to work and life can be hectic. Our priorities constantly change and in the end, not much time is left for volunteering. however, when we take on a servant’s heart, God does some amazing things with our talents and time. We must remember that serving God is a privilege and so is the education our students receive here. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer, please contact the school principal, Ben Elliott at 760-747-3029 ext. 7105 or