DAN_4950B.A., Concordia, Portland, OR
Minor in Early Childhood Education


Every year, Karla Shelby is thrilled to have each new child in her class. It’s as if she has the energy and enthusiasm of a new teacher even though she has been teaching first grade at Grace Lutheran since 1989! She looks forward to getting to know her students and their families. Karla strives to teach specifically to each student’s learning style using a developmentally based program with hands-on centers as well as traditional learning strategies. Mrs. Shelby truly sees her students as her own children during their year together teaching them and loving them in Christ.

Karla married Rick Shelby 20 years ago. They met in El Segundo, California, where Karla began her career teaching kindergarten at a Lutheran school. She grew up in Great Falls, Montana, and is one of six children: three boys and three girls. Her parents recently moved from Hemet to New Mexico to live with her brother and his family. She feels blessed to come from a close Christian family.