School Update July 23, 2020

Dear Parents,

Over the past few months, we have been engaged in developing detailed plans to safely reopen our school in a Covid-19 reality. Thank you to our parents, teachers, and administrators who have provided input on our Return to School Plan.

Per Governor Newsom’s order, we will begin our school year via remote learning. Remote learning will include the following key components: daily live instruction – Google Meet; Google Classroom; structured schedule; small group instruction; differentiated instruction; instructional materials provided (books, consumables, supplies, etc.); teacher availability; student assessments; high engagement; and a technology plan that supports staff, students, and parents. We are in communication with the County Office of Education to apply for a waiver to start on campus. There is still a lot of unknown at this time.

Here are a few details that we are focusing on for our student’s educational success to begin the school year and continue throughout the year whatever may happen:

  • First, our goal is to have students back on campus for a full 5-day program as soon as San Diego County is OFF the watch list for 14 days.
  • Each child will receive a personal school email address and a device to use for their schoolwork. Students will not need to use their parent’s devices or email addresses.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade will use tablets.  Fourth grade and above will use Chromebooks.
  • We will have a student supply pick up day on August 18th. On that date, items needed to begin the school year will be distributed.
  • Teachers will start slowly, working diligently to give each child the skills they need to use the electronic devices.  Students will be taught Google Classroom in more depth, how to perform their classwork, and how to turn in assignments correctly. Each class will dedicate time to reviewing concepts to ensure all students are ready to move forward.
  • In the beginning, the school workload will be much lighter to help students gain confidence in their ability to handle this different way of learning.  Our hope is that this will create a win-win situation by decreasing the amount of time children and parents spend on remote learning.
  • As soon as the “on-campus learning” ban is lifted, we will open our campus for the full 5-day learning program, embracing social distancing and rigid cleaning schedules to ensure the safety of our students and our staff.

We take all of our students and staff health and safety seriously. Parents must help by ensuring that when we do return to campus, their child is never sent to school if they show any signs of sickness.  Only by maintaining complete health will we avoid being shut down and being placed in the position to once again embrace distance learning.

Please join us for a Parent Meeting Via Zoom on Wednesday, July 29th at 6:00 pm. A link will be emailed early next week. We will share more details about the start of school and provide some information that we gathered from the parent survey from last week.

We look forward to welcoming our students back virtually on August 18th!

In Him,
Ben Elliott, Superintendent
760-747-3029 x. 7105

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