What is the Appleseed Fund? The Appleseed Fund is a dedicated fund of Grace Lutheran Church & Schools offsetting the tuition costs for needy students who could not otherwise attend our school. Contributions to the Appleseed Fund are tax-deductible.

Does The Appleseed Fund Replace “Tuition Assistance?” Yes. In the past, assistance has been provided to families from the General Fund. Because of budget reductions, General Fund money may no longer be available to help needy students attend the school. The Appleseed Fund links your gifts directly to an outstanding education in a Christian environment for as many young people as possible.

Why is it called the “Appleseed Fund?” Apples have always been associated with teachers and schools. It’s been said that “if your vision is for a year, plant wheat, if your vision is for a decade, plant trees, and if your vision is for a lifetime, plant people. Early American folklore tells the legend of Johnny Appleseed, who went across the country planting apple seeds. These seeds grew and the trees provided shade and apples long after Johnny Appleseed was gone.

How Do I Give To the Appleseed Fund? Your check payable to “Grace Lutheran Church & Schools Appleseed Fund, or with your credit card, or you can make a gift by cash. Receipts are provided you regardless of how you make your contribution. Separate accounting is provided for all gifts and expenditures of the fund.

How Are Students Selected For Appleseed Funding? Your Appleseed Funds are made available to students who would not otherwise attend Grace Lutheran Church & Schools because they lack money for private school tuition. Determination of need is made according to written policies solely by Grace Lutheran to preserve our non-profit status and your charitable contribution with the IRS. If funds exceed students wishing to attend Grace, we will actually go out and seek more students who are not presently enrolled. In no event, however, will funds be used other than for tuition for needy students.

Who May Know About My Contribution? We maintain confidentiality for all students receiving Appleseed Funding. Whether or not students are told of Appleseed Funding for their tuition is left to the parents and guardians of those students. We will publicize and make available total numbers of recipients and amounts contributed. As a donor, we will only disclose your status after we receive your permission.

Must Appleseed Students Meet Certain Standards? Recipients of Appleseed funding are expected to maintain good grades and demonstrate exemplary conduct at all times during their enrollment.