Cross Country Run

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*The Cross Country Run has been rescheduled to next Monday 3/18. If you sent in a permission form for your child to run in the race, Mrs. Leger will consider it as permission for your child to run on Monday the 18th. If for some reason, you wish to rescind your permission or conversely give permission if you haven’t already, please contact Mrs. Leger as soon as possible so she can make adjustments to her roster. The children will leave at 9:00 AM and will return around 3:45 depending on traffic.

**S.O.S. drivers! Mrs. Leger is in need of parents to drive the children to Rohr Park in Bonita. If you can help, she needs to know now if possible. You’ll have to have your AAA LiveScan, your current license and proof of insurance on file in the school office. (You can get that out of the way this week if you wish.) Please call her at 760-480-1042 and leave a message. She’ll call you back to confirm.

So sorry for the inconvenience. We do appreciate your patience.


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