Rally Day All School Sing & Prayer Walk

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Don’t forget all students will be singing this morning at the 9:30 service for Rally Day. There is only one service today.

Rally Day Prayer Walk-

At the end of our corporate worship time we will ask people to go to these stations and join the leader in prayer. The prayer items would include these ideas. Obviously each prayer team will lead as the Holy Spirit leads them.

Pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing on our ministry (both schools and church).

Pray for the safety of our children.

Pray for the Lord to bless our teachers and staff as they are led by the Spirit to minister on our campus.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to open up our community to His Story and our ministry.

Pray for the Lord to build a spirit of love and unity on our campus.

Pray that the Lord will build our sense of family on our campus.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will show us how to minister to the younger generations in our midst, especially our children, Junior and Senior High youth and young adults.




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