40 Days in the Word

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Join us for an exciting 6 week study that will teach us all to “Love the Word, Learn the Word and Live the Word” like we have never done before.


The “40 Days in the Word” was developed by Rick Warren (Pastor of Saddleback Church and author of the popular “40 Days of Purpose”) and has been completed by hundreds of churches worldwide already. Grace will begin the “40 Days in the Word” campaign the weekend of October 13th & 14th. During the subsequent 6 weeks, it is our prayer that all aspects of ministry at Grace are geared toward this study. In other words, it is our prayer that all individuals at Grace, all small groups and Bible studies at Grace, and all worship services at Grace are focused on the same Spiritual themes for the same period of time through this study. This is called the Power of Alignment, and this concentrated time of church cohesiveness will bear lasting, eternal fruit in all aspects of ministry at Grace. With this in mind, it is our hope and prayer that you and your group will participate in this study.

40 Days in the Word FAQ

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